Is time for girls go bed (beauty sleep), however I'm still here blogging, reason I took nap, now still feel full of vigor, sound some thing wrong

Read one intresting article this morning, about America springging up a gang of people refuse using mobile.

topic, I was wondering how they live without mobile?

Nowadays, ask most people, at least they have one mobile on hand, some people have it more than one.

We live in the twentieth century, is common that people have mobile, by contrast that people no have mobile, we will feel they are odd, am I right?

See kids are the best example, kindergarten children have mobile, parent seems spoiled their child, give them too much of material comfort. I would said it's  good. As for me, I'm  following their bad cultivation.

The gang of people refuse using mobile as they feel instead of using mobile, why not we communicate face-by-face?

One interviewee said, he like to chat with stranger, bring the mobile, make him feel the world is revolve round him, but no one exist. Recently, he went to Israel, sitting at a restaurant,discover a table that, two men and few pretty women, all of them are concentrate on the phone....sound pity ...

Why they are facing each others, but no one talk , yet facing on the phone....


I agree no use mobile, the effect of people interflow will become better.

The interviewee think, main reason he refuse use mobile is enhance his work more efficiently. He will more easy to focus, also can prepare well for his matters...He always seeing the people at the working hours, using mobile,it make them distract their energry. While in the meeting, they lose the opportunity to converse with people, as they use mobile check email from time to time, or they go out the meeting to talk on phone.

Again, I'm whole heart agree what he said.

Although, the gang refuse using mobile, they still no avoid using others modern commuication like facebook and twitter. Still up-to-date

As myself, I could no follow the gang, I still need my mobile to work, chat with bf, connect with family and friends.

Perhaps, when I elderly and retire, I may no more need it...  So change into u, could you live without mobile? kind silly question...

That's all, good night everybody

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